Therapeutic ​​​Massage: 

Take care of your body with therapeutic massage.

Massage has been scientifically proven to reduce stress and aid in pain relief. 

Types of Therapeutic Massage offered:

  • Sports Massage - Recover faster, perform better.
  • Hot Stone - Heat helps relax soft tissues
  • Deep Tissue - Releases chronic tension
  • Relaxation - Relax and release stress

Bodywork is a general term that refers to body manipulation therapies used for relaxation and pain relief.
Active Isolated Stretching
A method of muscle lengthening and fascial release that provides effective dynamic stretching of major muscle groups. Perfect for people with Parkinson's disease, runners, and those wanting to improve flexibility.

Controlled movements, which may improve flexibility, build strength, and develop control and endurance in the whole body.


A Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation.

Massage and Bodywork Prices:
60 Minutes: $75.00
90 Minutes: $100.00

Combination Packages:(Strength and Conditioning plus Massage)

6 Sessions with 1 Massage: $450.00

12 Sessions with 2 Massages: $840.00

24 Sessions with 4 Massages: $1560.00


“Jennie was always punctual and professional and fun to work with. She pushed me to go beyond my comfort zone to achieve maximum benefit. I enjoyed my time with her and would recommend her to anyone with Parkinson's disease or other movement disorder.”~Bill L.

"Jennie is the consummate personal trainer. She obtains an understanding of your initial capabilities and your goals and then develops and continuously improves a plan of action to help you meet those goals. She is especially knowledgeable about the symptoms and issues associated with Parkinson's disease, with MS and with other illnesses that impact your body's ability to function normally. She knows how to help you strengthen your core muscles to help you maintain balance, reduce rigidity and improve physical control of your actions. Her exercise routines are varied and gentle - or killers - depending upon your needs. The fact that you'll like her a lot even as she's working you hard is an added plus!"~Jeff S.

Personal Training,Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork

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Massage and Bodywork